Google AR/VR for Classrooms
The Immersive (AR/VR) Education team works on two products:

Expeditions allows students to go on virtual field trips.

Tour Creator is a tool that lets students and teachers create those field trips themselves.

I started working on Expeditions, where I dove into learning Unity and took a prototyping-lead design approach to uncover and test new VR patterns which helped me build our webVR spec.

I was then brought on to lead and launch the v1 of Tour Creator in time for Google I/O.

As Google’s first webVR product, it brought a ton of accessiblity to the VR world, and required me to work hand in hand with the engineering team through a ton of technical constraints.

I got my hands dirty in all parts of the launch, including the marketing site and launch films.

Post-launch, I focussed on working with engineers to polish the product, and used data from students + teachers to land on and design follow-up features.